Monday, October 4, 2010

What's up? I've been accepted!

I have not forgotten this blog, but I will be on vacation soon. I have been accepted in a Christmas show at Paris Gibson Square in Montana. It's a big deal for this small town, since you can make $500 in just one show. I'm planning on selling my "normal" Christmas decorations and jewelry. The Holiday jars that I will be making, will definitely remind you of deco den jewelry. I may post them in my Deviant Lolita section!

I will also be making 12 days of Christmas necklaces and bracelets with swarovski stones. This is a complete 360 for me, since I am used to making zombies. I didn't think I'd be good at "normal" jewelry and now it's been accepted! I couldn't be happier, really.

My zombie stuff will be updated on my fanpage. I am doing a one of a kind bracelet for my fans and I hope they enjoy it. It's a way of saying thanks and showing my improved skills.

I like knowing that I make zombie jewelry with a different technique and my own style. I think I would love to go into FX and really study that medium. I think it could be my future dream job.

You can find my fanpage at:!/DeviantCandyShop?ref=ts

At 500 fans I am doing a Halloween giveaway and I might include one of my new realistic cupcakes.

If you would like one of my Halloween cupcakes, or a custom cupcake, or zombie jewelry, you can contact me at my shop:

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