Wednesday, October 27, 2010

New Ventures and New Friends...

I have been very busy, getting ready for a huge craft show. The craft show will be held in Great Falls, Montana, at an exclusive Christmas show. You have to literally be judged to get into it. It was very exciting to see my work being judged by a professional. I didn't think I would make it, but then the judge announced that they wanted me to make 60 jars of the item.

So, I will be covering 60 jars from today until Sunday. Sunday is my due date to turn them all in and be placed in the rooms where they will be selling goods. They called my work "unique" and "inspirational" and that touched me the most.

Yes, I can make normal stuff. I don't often like to, since I like the darker side of my art now, but I think it's good for artists to have different skills.

I will be making 5 12 days of Christmas necklaces that got accepted. They will come with sworovski crystals and matching bracelets in sterling silver. I will also be making my swarovski angel keychain's. These are not a new item, but they did not normally sell well before. Now I have a rude awakening- people love religious items and quirky creations. They especially love one-of-a-kind and my jars are one-of-a- kind.

My other "normal" venture has been creating vulva's for fellow feminists and friends. I enjoy making these. I am not here to step on toes, or to slap it in your face. I simply enjoy making them and selling them at a reasonable price for women.

I have a family member who has recently been struck with cervical cancer. She wanted a humorous piece- she also happens to be a lesbian. I decided to make her Deviant Lesbian and it has been my best seller. I make all of my vulva's unique and one of a kind. No two rainbows in a Deviant Lesbian will be alike. Some vulva pieces will never be duplicated. I like to keep my art as unique as possible. I don't want to be the type of artist who just makes the same thing over and over- that is how you can get into a bad creative funk.

If you would like to see some of my vulva pendants, you can see them at my Etsy. I think you can even view them in my Mini Etsy.

I hope that I have explained my disappearance for awhile. When my jars are all done, I will show you the massive amount that I had to decorate and prepare myself. I have been a little behind on orders, but my customers and friends have been WONDERFUL.

Thank you all for your patience and understanding. I also had a recent death in the family, but I don't like to blog about personal things. I believe blogs should be cheerful and inspirational- not a pity party. But I am doing OK...I just miss her every day.

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